Complete cyber protection

Solusi keamanan modern harus mencakup kemampuan perlindungan dan pemulihan data yang terintegrasi dengan fungsi keamanan yang beroperasi secara kohesif untuk menjamin kelangsungan bisnis. Axiadata Cyber Protect

satu-satunya solusi perlindungan siber yang mengintegrasikan perlindungan data dan keamanan siber.

Easy, efficient and secure cyber protection

  • Single pane of glass to manage all protection capabilities
  • Eliminate performance and compatibility issues
  • Quickly and easily identify and address issues
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce administrative time
  • Manage all cyber protection functions to reduce TCO
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Informed response and investigation
  • Comprehensive security to ensure peace of mind

Easy, reliable, infrastructure-free cloud backup and cybersecurity for business

Protecting your valuable data from modern day threats is vital – no matter your business’ size or industry. But keeping up with the constantly emerging cyberthreats can be difficult, expensive and unreliable.

With Axiadata Cyber Protect running in the Axiadata Cloud, you gain easy-to-manage, cost-effective and complete cyber protection for your data.

Cloud backup and cybersecurity that fits your needs

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Three layers of cyber protection

Advanced attacks can only be countered with advanced security

Complete protection for modern-day threats

Endpoint Detection & Response
Advanced and unknown threat detection together with informed threat investigation and response.
Anti-malware and antivirus
Proactively protect your data, applications and systems from advanced cyberattacks. With Axiadata Cyber Protect, you gain real-time protection with MI-based static and behavioral heuristic antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and anti-cryptojacking technologies.
Fail-safe patching
Eliminate the risk of bad patches rendering a system unusable. Before patches are implemented, an image backup is automatically performed – enabling you to easily restore and roll back to a working state if there is an issue with a patch.
Forensic backup
Simplify future analysis by collecting digital evidence – like memory dumps and process information – from disk-level backups. With Axiadata Cyber Protect’s Forensic Mode, you’ll manage compliance requirements and run faster internal investigations.
Safe recovery
Prevent reinfection via integrated anti-malware scanning and malware removal during the recovery process.
Continuous data protection
Safeguard new data as it’s created. Axiadata’ agent monitors every change made in the listed applications and continuously backs them up so recent changes aren’t lost if the machine needs to be reimaged.
Global threat monitoring and smart alerts
Benefit from the global network of Axiadata Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOC) by receiving real-time alerts on malware, vulnerabilities, natural disasters and other global events that may affect data protection.
Data compliance reporting and data protection map
Ensure compliance reporting by getting detailed information about stored data and use automatic data classification to track the protection status of important files.

Simple, safe and secure



Backup & Recovery
Managed Service
DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
Disaster Recovery
25GB cloud backup


Backup & Recovery
Managed Service
DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
Disaster Recovery
50GB cloud backup